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I C R O   W E D D I N G S 

W H E R E    R E A L    I N T I M A C Y    B E G I N S. . . . . 

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My Photography Style

"My photography style is very candid, I like to capture moments that express true emotion.

Some of my favourite images are when people are laughing or crying during the cermony.

I also take my time to do a styled shoot.

A styled shoot is were I capture couples in specific poses.

This is a great way for the couples to spend time together, embrace eachother and also get comfortable in front of the camera. "

                     I N V E S T M E N T 


We provide images that will last a life time, for generations to view. 

Finding the perfect photographer isn't an easy choice. It can be very difficult because photography is art and everyone views art in a different way and some images stand out to people for different reasons. 


When you view our work we want you to feel connected. We want you to be confident and happy for us to capture your special day in our unique style. 


Depending on the size of your wedding we will have more than one photographer shooting your day. We specialise in story telling and capturing candid moments. We also love bridal & groom prep and will not forget to capture the food you eat. We want you to remember everything! 




The  process 

W E L C O M E     G I F T 

U N L I M I T E D   C O N S U L T A T I O N 

W E D D I N G    D A Y

3 0  D A Y S   T U R N O V E R 

O N L I N E  G A L L E R Y +
P R I N T E D  I M A G E S   


W E L C O M E   G I F T 

A box of special sweet treats, to congratulate you for choosing me.  


U N L I M I T E D  C O N S U L T A T I O N 

From the very first email to your wedding day we are available 24/7 via email. 

If you are anxious, having trouble sleeping and worried about your special day in regards to photography. Emamail us !! 


M I C R O   W E D D I N G     D A Y 

A Micro Wedding or a registry wedding often goes by very quick. It's one of my favourite types of weddings because the bride and groom are less stressed and wedding guests tend to be more present and in the moment.  


30  D A Y S  T U R N O V E R 

You will receive your images within 30 working days. We take our time to ensure that you receive the best quality edited images that tell a wonderful story of your day. As this is a micro wedding and the budget is small. We choose the best images however during the unlimited consultation we can discuss the type of images you want. Be sure to read your contract as it states everything you need to know. 

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