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Kaptured by KaGe


KaGe (Keisha George) is a professional portrait photographer based in London, United Kingdom.


She has been published in several magazines including Black Hair Magazine.

She has also participated in various exhibitions including UKBFTOG Living the dream showcased in West Ends Fujifilm store. 


As a result of her building a rapport with many people, she has been able to expand her business to event photography and small weddings.  

In 2023 KaGe became a celebrity portrait photographer shooting for likes of Sir Lewis Hamilton for Crowdstrike UK 

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My Story...... To Empower 

I've always been a deep thinker and a natural motivator When I started photography my aim was to take amazing photos and  as time progressed,  I realised that I had a bigger responsibility. I could use my talents to empower individuals  who were feeling insecure or not confident. I created an environment and a rapport that enhanced peoples confidence. 


Every photo I take tells a unique story. I want my work to evoke emotion. When you look at my images I want you to feel emotionally and spiritually connected to it. 




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