Rehaping the mind

Taking the  time to instill positive affirmations whilst challenging your paradigmns through a range of classes specifially designed for you. 

1-1 sessions

Each class will be held online and is an hour long.

Each each class is designed to push you closer to your goals. All information is strictly Konfidential.


Being Konfident enhances your lifestyle, therefore  you'll be required to complete work outside of the class. This will give you the opportunity to work independently and develop self discipline.


First consultation is Free 

Each session after that will be £25 per session.

Konfidence Class

Session One: Free Consultation

Session Two: Reshaping the mind

Session Three:  Soul Food

Session Four:  Yoga

Session Five:  Vision 

Session Six: Reflection

Session Seven to ten: Practice makes perfect

As a photographer, I felt that it was crucial to design a class that was primarily based on boosting ones confidence when in front of the camera.

I’ve come across many people who are intimidated by the great lens. Often time this leads to awkward poses, self destructive thoughts and a dissatisfied person.

I want to change that, so I did.

I’ve created the confidence class, this is a 1-1 empowering workshop where we will be using some acting techniques to help boost your confidence aswell as looking at your current mindset and seeing how that’s affecting your growth & you as a person.

I’ve designed a note pad that will help you in our 10 sessions. This notepad is crucial to class and can be purchased here: NOTEPADS.

Each session will be held weekly therefore it will give you time to practice, finish homework and reflect.

1-1 meetings will be held on zoom or google meet.


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Full Konfidence Package


 Can be paid in weekly installments via cashapp

Reccomended for those who lack complete confidence


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£25 per session

Can be paid in weekly installments via cash up


Reccomended for advanced people who want to brush up on their confidence.


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